Handmade Spa: Natural Treatments to Revive and Restore

Thứ tư - 01/08/2018 19:14
Handmade Spa: Natural Treatments to Revive and Restore
Handmade Spa: Natural Treatments to Revive and Restore

Handmade Spa: Natural Treatments to Revive and Restore by Juliette Goggin, Abi Righton

English, March 15th, 2018, ISBN: 1911127195, 144 Pages, EPUB, 17.55 MB

A trip to a spa for a spot of pampering has always been seen as an expensive, one-off treat – until now. Here, cosmetic experts Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton bring the entire spa experience right to your door, with this unique and comprehensive guide to replicating the luxury of a spa in your own home using natural, botanical preparations.
Through over 40 natural recipes tailored to your mood, they show you exactly how to transform your home into a tranquil, relaxing retreat. With a focus on the relationship between scent and well-being, there are energising citrus recipes, warming ginger and cinnamon preparations, relaxing lavender and soothing camomile products, allowing you to choose the perfect treatment for the desired effect. From candle-making to simple massage techniques, incense-making to hot cloth cleansing, you will learn a range of spa techniques from experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The recipes use botanical ingredients, all of which are easily sourced from the home, garden or via the internet, making it easy to work through this extensive catalogue of natural recipes for face masks, bath oils, body scrubs, facial cleansers and hair treatments, as well as non-cosmetic, therapeutic products such as tea infusions, reed diffusers and scented candles – all accompanied by step-by-step guides and clear, illustrative photographs.

Handmade Spa.

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